Example box "Chic Aperitif"


The "Chic Aperitif" Box is made to accompany the best foie gras and French cheese!

The fig chutney with Ceylon tea and the onion confit with honey will go perfectly with foie gras, pâtés and the best cheeses.

Cream of porcini mushrooms in olive oil and cream of artichokes with truffle are creamy creams perfect for spreading or dipping fresh vegetables. They also go very well with white meats.

Composition of the 4-pot box:

  • Fig chutney with Ceylon tea - 90g:

Figs (30%), onions, sugar, vinegar, Ceylon tea, salt, spices.

  • Onion jam with honey - 90g:

Onions (65%), wine, sugar, vinegar, tomato puree, honey (3%), salt, spices.

  • Porcini mushroom cream - 100g:

Ceps 65% (Boletus edulis), olive oil, sea salt. Black tapenade 90g.

  • Artichoke cream with truffle - 100g:

Artichoke 65%, olive oil, sea salt, white truffle 1% (Tuber magnatum Pico), aroma.

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   Alpes de Haute Provence, France

italy   Region of Piedmont, Italy


Fig chutney with Ceylon tea, Onion jam with honey, Porcini mushroom cream, Artichoke cream with truffle


After opening, keep refrigerated and consume in the following days.

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